Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Your Snow Plow Covered Correctly

As the winter months approach with the memory of last year's crazy long wintery months still vivid in our minds, some folks will consider adding a snowplow to their trucks and make a little extra money. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it could turn into a nightmare if you don’t first consider how to insure yourself properly.

The private passenger insurance policy you have for your vehicles is not meant for things such as transporting people for a fee, deliveries, or paid snowplowing.  Your personal auto policy is meant for the purpose of insuring you against the standard perils of to and from work and recreational activities.

Once you get paid for snowplowing, you’ve left the door open for many possible consequences and liability concerns that are not wrapped into a personal auto policy. In the case of snowplowing, or  even delivery driving, you’ll need a commercial policy in order to cover the risks associated properly. While the premium may be a little more, it is worth it in the event that a claim arises as your personal
auto policy will rightfully deny a claim if the vehicles are being used in a commercial manner.

As with most things, careful consideration should be given when thinking about either of these types of activities. Talk with your Absolute Agent to find the best and most affordable way to insure yourself properly before engaging in these types of business pursuits. Often times, a few minutes of going through the in and outs may end up saving you big in the event of a claim or liability concern.

Let us help you find the right policy and price for your needs.  Call us today at 515-279-2722 to ensure you are covered correctly.

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