Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ensuring Insurability and More!!!

Do you have children or grandchildren and are tired of buying plastic toys or gizmos that will end up being stored and thrown out in the next few months? As a parent to 2 children myself, I know this dilemma well and I want to give my children beneficial gifts in addition to next big Christmas must-have. There are better uses for that money. One of which is a Children’s Universal Life Insurance policy through Pekin Life Insurance that offers a Guaranteed Insurability Rider. These are very reasonably priced policies that are permanent and build a cash value. In addition to that, they have a rider that allows the owner or the insured on the policy to increase the death benefit up to 7 times throughout the lifetime of the child at various ages indicated within the policy. The best part about this is that there are NO HEALTH QUESTIONS and NO NEW UNDERWRITING for the increased death benefit. There are too many heartbreaking stories of children developing chronic diseases that leave them uninsurable in the future. Now is the time to put this important protection in place and give yourself the peace of mind that your child can increase their coverage even in the event of a tragic diagnosis. Call your Absolute Agent today at 515-279-2722!

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