Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What is the right Rental Car Reimbursement amount for you?

If you have full coverage insurance on a vehicle on your auto insurance policy, you might also have rental car reimbursement coverage.  The amount of Rental Car Reimbursement coverage varies from plan to plan but the lowest coverage that any of our companies offers is around $30/day.  In Iowa, this will typically pay for a full-size car. If you normally drive a SUV, van, or truck, the $30/day coverage might not be enough to pay for a rental car for a replacement SUV, van, or truck.  We have clients who have multiple children or other needs where renting a full-size car would not work.  
Please contact us if you want to increase your rental car coverage or if you want a quote on how increasing rental car coverage would affect your insurance premium.

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