Sunday, March 31, 2019

5 Alarms to Consider for your Home

What alarms and sensors do you need in your home? The answer is different for everyone. But, whatever your situation, today’s technology has you covered with options including online monitoring and more. Here are some common alarms, including two everyone needs to have, and three many people should at least consider:

  1. Smoke alarms
    No matter where you live — house, condo, apartment — you need smoke alarms. Place one in every room where people sleep, and at least one on each level of your home. Consider alarms that work for both flaming and smoldering fires (they’re different), as well as an interconnected system so that all alarms sound when one detects smoke.
  2. Carbon-monoxide (CO) detectors
    Here’s another must-have. CO — a deadly, odorless gas generated by the burning of fuels such as wood, natural gas or propane — kills hundreds of people a year in the U.S. You should have at least one CO detector on every level of your home, even if you only have electric appliances and heat sources. Your state may even require you to have one.
  3. Natural gas detectors
    These alarms usually detect CO and propane leaks, so consider one if you have natural gas appliances in your home. You also need one for your RV or trailer if you use propane to fuel your cooking or heating.
  4. Water alarms
    Leaks from appliances or pipes can do extensive — and expensive — damage to your home if they go undetected. Water alarm systems typically use sensors placed near appliances or other trouble spots to alert you when they sense moisture.
  5. Security systems
    Whether you want a do-it-yourself system or one that is professionally monitored, you’ve got more options than ever before. You may even be able to check in on your home from wherever you are using your smartphone.
When you’re making these important decisions, here’s one more important thing to consider: Some of these alarms could qualify you to save on your homeowner's insurance!

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation coverage provides medical expenses, lost wages, and physical rehabilitation costs to employees who are injured or become ill "in the course and scope" of their job.  Additionally, this coverage protects an employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases.

Absolute Insurance can help your business find complete solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs.  We'll find solutions that create safer and more productive workplaces, more confident and secure workers and overall savings you'll see on the bottom line.

Coverage for office workers using their own vehicles on company business is often needed, as well.  If you have employees, it is critical that you consider this workers compensation coverage.

Some Workers Compensation coverage can include:
  • Innovative payment systems
  • Medical disability case managers
  • Utilization management nurses
  • Certified life care planning nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation consultants
  • Physician consulting services
  • Legal staff
  • Contracts with medical network providers
  • Managed prescription drug program
What are some instances that Workers' Compensation might cover?
  • An employee is driving from a client's location back to office and is involved in an accident.  The employee requires hospitalization from the accident
  • An employee injures her back lifting a heavy box in the back room, requiring a doctor's attention, medication, and physical therapy.
  • An employee slips on a wet floor, injuring himself, requiring an emergency room visit and weeks of recovery time
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