Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Time Fun: Insurance for Toys

Insurance is not like the old one size fits all ball cap.  Rather, people with specialized needs will want to get a policy that provides coverage for those needs in specific.  Often times, especially with boat insurance, it is often overlooked or attached to a homeowners policy to cover liability, however, often times this is truly basic coverage that may not suit your situation.

Most often, it is better to separately insured your toys with specialized policies that can provide coverage for Custom Parts and Equipment or to add coverage to possible belongings, such as fishing equipment on a boat owners policy.

Much like an auto insurance policy, special coverage can be purchased for towing, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement on many specialty lines products including motorcycle, RV, ATV, boat, and personal watercraft.

Another important, and often times, neglected coverage comes by way of the RV, with an optional replacement cost endorsement (if new) and vacation liability coverage.  These can be added to your specialty lines insurance coverage at reasonable cost and leave you worry-free.

We understand that these aren't just toys, they are a way of like.  Your life.  We pride ourselves in partnering with companies that hold this same view and offer competitive rates for specialty claims centers with representatives trained specifically to handle your custom needs.

Call your Absolute Agent for further details on coverage and rates.

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