Monday, July 7, 2008

Claims: Q and A

Q:  I own a home and my girlfriend just moved in, is her stuff covered under my home insurance?

A:  No.  Since she is not a relative, there is no automatic coverage for her belongings or liability.  In most cases, there is an endorsement that can be added to the policy to cover her.  In other cases the best thing would be to establish a renters insurance policy.  Either way you go, these are relatively cheap fixes to a little known coverage gap for both property and liability.

Q:  My basement wall is bowing and I'm afraid that it will eventually fall in.  Will my home insurance cover this?

A:  No.  This is a matter of neglected upkeep on the home.  Just as your home insurance will not pay to replace a roof that is deteriorated from normal wear and tear, it will not pay for the repair to the normal pressure of the earth against the foundation walls.  Insurance is protection against sudden and accidental risks, not risks that persist over time and have been neglected.

Q:  If I have an accident that is my fault, will my full coverage pay for a rental car?

A:  No.  Comprehensive and Collision coverage do not pay for rental car reimbursement.  That coverage needs to be endorsed to the policy in order for the coverage to be in effect.  The same applied to Roadside assistance or towing & labor.  Full coverage merely covers physical damage.

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