Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to School: Kids in College

As the days slowly close out sooner and the weather begins to cool down, we know it is time for recent high school grads to ship off to college and start their higher education process.  This is a wonderful time for both parents and students alike, but also one that can be emotionally and financially depleting.  As your student goes away to school, some interesting problems can develop in terms of how to cover the property of the new student while living outside the home.

To begin, living arrangements for new students can vary widely, whether they must stay in the dorms or our living in an apartment, or rented home.  Some other issues may present themselves as to whether the student will return home for the breaks and summer, or will they have a permanent address while living in the college town.  Some of the answers to these situations may lead you down different paths for the proper coverage of the students property.

While most companies are willing to extend the personal property out to the student in the event that they are full-time students and their permanent address is still at home, there can be variances on how things are covered in the event that they live in an apartment and consider that their permanent mailing address.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that some of these students will be operating a vehicle while at school and it will become important to correct the vehicle garaging zip code.

Consult your Absolute Agent and describe your situation in order to ensure you have the correct coverage for you and your college student.

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