Monday, August 18, 2008

You've Got Some Q's: We've Got the A's

Q:  My wife lost her wedding ring while we were on vacation.  Is this covered under my house insurance?

A:  No.  It would have to be stolen in order to be covered UNLESS it was scheduled on the home policy as "Scheduled Personal Property"

Q:  A tree has landed on my house and has caused damage to my home.  Will insurance replace the tree?

A:  No.  Home insurance protects your home and detached structures.  Trees are not covered.

Q:  My vehicle was broken into and personal property was stolen, is this covered under my full coverage auto insurance?

A:  No.  Only items that were attached to the vehicle as stock items are covered.  Personal property losses would only be covered under a home, renters, condo/townhome, or mobile home policy.  Auto insurance never covers personal property.

Q:  Water came up through my sewer drain and destroyed my roommate's belongings.  Will my homeowners insurance cover this?

A:  No.  Your home insurance will cover only those things belonging to you or a family member.  Unless you have Water Back-up coverage, your home insurance would not even cover your belongings.  In this situation, your roommate would need to get a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings in an event of a loss, and in this situation, they would also need to have the renters insurance policy endorsed with the Water Back-up of Sewers and Drains coverage in order to be protected.

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