Thursday, April 9, 2015

Love. We sell it! Come and Get Your Love Insurance!!!

No, really... you read that right! Perhaps it is not *exactly* what you think when I say we offer and sell love insurance. This is definitely not "broken-heart" or "a-promise-to-find-you-love" insurance, however, there are probably a host of other sites that will do so or at least lay claim to such a feat, but we do offer and sell "Love Insurance".

You see, when you purchase life insurance, you do so for one primary reason: Love. You purchase life insurance because you love someone and respect the idea that when you pass, there will be obligations left behind for your loved ones to have to sort out and deal with. Now, money from a life insurance (or Love Insurance) settlement will never replace you, but it can help to prevent a tragic personal loss from becoming a tragic personal loss compounded with a tragic financial loss.

As it sits today... this very moment... if you are struck by a bus, could your surviving family members, those that depend on your being-there and your paycheck, could they not only make ends meet tomorrow but also do that in addition to paying the raising costs of final expenses? Will the daycare still need to be paid? The mortgage or rent? Will your children have the option for college without soul-crushing student debt? Will... will... will... the obligations are truly endless but, while you may not be there, you can, in the very least, show your final act of true love by purchasing a Love Insurance policy that can help with these financial consequences of a life filled with love, lived. Even though you aren't there, these proceeds can go to help buy your daughters wedding dress, money down for your kids first house... all this for the price of a six pack and pizza (not all that much).

Show your love for your family and contact your Absolute Agent today at 515-279-2722. We have many options to review with you, but when it comes down to it, having something in place is the truly necessary ingredient to bake your love cake. Visit our website at: 

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