Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mind the Gap

London, England: perhaps one of the better examples in this day and age of the fusion between rich culture and history with modern flair. From the Tower of London to the nearby Shard that dominates the cityscape today, there are beautiful and wonderful examples of the new and fresh intertwined with old and true. One of the most prevalent and important aspects of the new age London is by far the introduction and utilization of the Underground.Very simply, this is a highly efficient subway system that crisscrosses and connects the entire town and surrounding areas.

While I was visiting this marvelous and beautiful city, my lovely wife and I used the Underground for nearly all of our transportation needs and became quite familiar with it within a few days. One thing that sticks with me, besides for the cleanliness of the system (we were there just prior to the 2012 Olympics and perhaps that was why everything was so clean), was the voice on the speakers as the train stopped to unload and load passengers: "Mind the Gap". That, in addition to several signs, helped passengers be cognizant of the 6 inch gap between the loading platforms and the train itself. Surely, to get a foot stuck or to actually fall between this gap would be more than a mild inconvenience! It would be a complete disaster of life and limb with major financial consequences.

I took to heart the warning and have took to heart the implication beyond simply getting a free foot amputation. Just as another captive company mentions frequently, we all most be cognizant of and recognize the gaps in our insurance policies. Some of these gaps are standard issues that every company has implemented- such as Flood exclusions. Some of these gaps can be solved through the use of riders like water back-up coverage and earthquake coverage. Some of the gaps exist simply because your lifestyle has changed and you now use your vehicle for delivery verses simply driving to one location on a daily basis.

This is where your local, independent Absolute Agent is worth their weight in gold! We can help uncover gaps in coverage and help you understand the ones that will always exist and the ones that can be mitigated against. Keep in mind that the cheapest possible insurance may not be the best for your situation. Also keep in mind that there is value in being able to actually sit down with your agent in the office and not always call the 1-800- WHERE-THE-HECK-ARE-YOU??? and get a different person each time nor always go to the computer for internet quotes and guidance. Help us help you keep your financial livelihood from experiencing an amputation!

Mind the Gap, Friends.

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